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A promising candidate in Colorado is Stephen Bailey! 8:05 AM Jan 10th

Having a Party? Contact me and I’ll draw caricatures of your guests! Samples: 7:59 AM Jan 10th 

Samples of my cartoons. Contact me if you need artwork done! 7:55 AM Jan 10th 

See Stossel’s FBN show about Atlas Shrugged on Youtube in six parts! 12:44 PM Jan 8th

All right! The states are fighting back! 12:43 PM Jan 8th

If Scott Brown wins we’d have a political earthquake, turning Obama into a lame duck, per Robert Tracinski. 6:39 AM Jan 7th This is urgent! To reverse the tide, throw your support to Scott Brown. Donate to Scott Brown!  

Isn’t all this security unnecessary if Israel & USA actually tried to win wars instead of funding enemies? How does Israel avoid unions taking over and ruining security? How do you avoid anti-discrimination lawsuits re eye-contact-evasion profiling? 11:59 PM Jan 4th 

If anyone knows of an agent who seeks new writers (especially TV/film scripts and nonfiction books) Pls write me: Thanks! 4:11 AM Dec 26th, 2009

Hello everyone! Season’s Greetings! I hope you got what you wanted on Christmas if you celebrate Christmas! I got to watch my happy children 4:09 AM Dec 26th, 2009

This article expresses why I love Thanksgiving. It was my fave as a kid. 5:01 PM Nov 25th, 2009

I  enjoyed HBO Rock Hall of Fame special last night. Two Beatles songs but why no Paul or Ringo? 12:30 PM Nov 30th, 2009

Now is the time. Send “Health Care Is Not A Right” to Senators. Use Morality to stop Health Care Bill: 11:17 PM Nov 19th, 2009 

Wondering if Christie can make a difference in NJ. Even if he cuts taxes and spending, the Fed undercuts his impact. 6:30 PM Nov 4th, 2009 

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Rush Limbaugh

In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh contributes aneditorial that proposes a “bipartisan stimulus”that allows for infrastructure spending but also includes major tax cuts for corporations and on capital gains.I think that’s still allowing Obama too much spending, but by setting it up as bipartisan, it’s a strategic effort to prove what actually stimulates the economy. I don’t know that it would prove anything and it doesn’t address draconian regulations and federal control of banks and so many other horrors now in process. But it’s an honorable effort in the right direction.

What I do oppose in the writings and broadcasts of Rush Limbaugh include his beliefs in religion as the foundation of America, and his derivation of morality from religion rather than from reality, leading to his belief that a fetus has rights over that of the mother, or that assisted suicide is immoral and should be illegal. I disagree with those and other religion-influenced viewpoints he expresses, especially those that support theocratic laws, and I also disagree with him on limiting immigration. He is a Conservative and not an Objectivist, so I would not try to defend him on his Conservatism.

Having expressed my caveats, when it comes to issues of economics and political power (outside of the issue of separation of church and state) his daily radio broadcast can be an indispensible guide to understanding the news and what important facts most mainstream journalists regularly fail to investigate.

Once he is on a topic that isn’t directly connected with religious conservative views, in my opinion he resorts to a common-sense type of self-interest and reason as his apparent, implied philosophy.  Outside of sacrificing one’s life for the sake of a fetus, or sacrificing the right of  a terminal patient to avoid pain via assisted suicide, he is not particularly altruistic or pro-sacrifice.

His whole persona is of one that enjoys the good life, the wealth he has achieved on his own initiative, rather than a persona of humility and guilt and slavish service to the downtrodden. He is opposed to a victim mentality and he applauds individual accomplishment and self-responsibility.

He does, however, ascribe his talent as on loan from God.  He is wrong to suggest his talent is from a supernatural source, but on the other hand it doesn’t sound like he’s kneeling and bowing his head in atonement and guilt for his success.

In fact, he has often recommended “Atlas Shrugged” by atheist Ayn Rand,to explain capitalism to people. Not only that, but he is on the front lines of daring to question environmentalism and for the right reasons. He sees the scam of it, that it’s just a ploy to impose socialism and big government regulations. And I will always be grateful to him for being the only voice against feminism in the 1980s. At that time and in the later 1970s, everywhere men and boys were being unjustly criticized for their natural masculinity. Any differences they had from women were considered flaws, and flirtation in office settings was on the verge of becoming illegal. Since then,that type of feminism has lost most mainstream support thanks in large part to Limbaugh.

He also usually expresses a reasonable, self-defense based foreign policy.

So as we enter the Obama years, I consider Limbaugh’s radio program useful. It’s telling that Obama has said, “Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh”.

As long as Rush sticks to economics and political power issues, his clarity of thought and expression, mixed with satirical humor, is excellent. His points about how Obama/Congress’s stimulus packages are a new “New Deal” and that such programs cannot correct a recession, and only extends it or turns it into a full blown Depression, are on target. I would recommend that people listen to his broadcast, especially now.

For some transcripts of his recent programs, see

Once the economic crisis is over and he returns to more religious-right issues, I don’t expect to find as much value in his program. And he is no substitute for the secular pro-capitalistic and rational philosophy expressed in Op-Eds and essays and speeches by Objectivists found at The Ayn Rand Center, the Ayn Rand Bookstore and The Objective Standard. But he covers more of the intricacies from day to day than they are able to cover, so he is a fine supplement, if you discard all his religionist inclinations.

The only philosophy that will protect individual rights is Objectivism, not Conservatism. Rush is a Conservative, and Conservatism needs to be rejected in the long run. If you can separate out his rational views from his irrational views, he is a valuable supplement to Objectivist sources like The Objective Standard and The Ayn Rand Center.

It’s because the TV networks and news magazines and newspapers are so reluctant–to an unprecedented extreme–to criticize, investigate and analyze the Obama administration’s and the Democratic Congress’s actions and motivations,that I recommend Limbaugh. But I repeat that I am not a Conservative and the only philosophy that can save America in the long run is Objectivism.

See and for Objectivist perspectives.

P.S. Another interesting radio program, which covers in depth various newsworthy topics that you won’t hear much about in most of the media, is The John Batchelor Show. This world-news oriented program heightens dramatic emphasis by means of musical intros, the host’s striking references to parallel events in history, and his use of dramatic language, metaphors and images. Batchelor recently spoke with Stephen Moore about his Wall Street Journal article suggesting that “Atlas Shrugged” is coming true.

Here are the links:

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More Political Thoughts

Now that thereis no single leader of the Republican Party, and a clearly socialistic leader of the Democratic Party (and of the United States), I see evidence (on C-span, anyway) that the thinkers on the Right and the better Republicans (mainly in the House) are finally feeling free, with the inconsistent,concessionary McCain out of the way, to fight hard against the socialist/pacifist Democrats and the big-spending,bailout-supporting,me-too Republicans. They are energized. I think real intellectual debate could finally break out of the meaningless generalities and rally-the-crowd sound-biteswe’ve witnessed during the campaign season.

Of course, the good news about Obama is that he will probably save stem-cell research and keep America pro-choice, will keep the borders open to all (hopefully excepting known terrorists) who wish to come, “wretched refuse” or not, and won’t appoint religious conservatives to the Supreme Court. But the bad news is everything else he may support, fromrestrictions onoil-drilling, to endless government spending, to paying off rather than destroying foreign enemies, to endless regulations on business and industry, to socialized medicine.

There is little hope of the Democratic Party becoming pro-laissez faire, so thebetter choice is to encourage the GOP to reinvent itself as such, and toreduce the influence of the religionists in the Republican party, now that the party has sunk to the bottom. Unfortunately, too many on the right still are religious pro-life types,whereas the reduction of the religious-right influenceis not only more rational, but it is an important way to win back those who have deserted the GOP. My guess is that we won’t turn the nation or the partyinto atheists any time soon, but we can reduce the influence of the religionists in the GOP by emphasizing the principles of liberty, individual effort, private property,and self-defense.

Moving forward, I think it’s important to remember to pursue happiness. Defend your rightsand property as needed,and then enjoy the unlimited opportunities still presentin the United States forintellectual growth,productivity, learning, adventure, self-expression, building relationships, pursuing goals, and experiencing the arts and things of beauty.

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Two Topics: The U.S. Elections and The Merging of Man and Machine

Onthe November 2, 2008  “60 Minutes” TV program, Scott Pelley will report on one of the most amazing and importantleaps in technology ever achieved by Man. I predict that this discovery will be the stepping stone to never-before-imagined possibilities inhuman activity during the coming century.

As a CBS promotional message sums it up: “People who are completely paralyzed due to illness or trauma …are getting help communicating with a remarkable new technology that connects their brains to a computer. In the future, brain computer interface, or BCI, may even restore movement to paralyzed people and allow amputees to move bionic limbs.”

Now, on to a lessinspiring topic: The U.S. Elections.Obviously, for someone like mewho seeks a moral, individual-rights-based, laissez-faire capitalist society where no one’s income is takenfrom him against his will, where no one is forced to financially support projects he does not choose to support onhis own, where businesses, investors and banks are free tosucceed or fail without government regulations and without governmentbailouts that steal from taxpayers (andalso reduce the buying power of each dollar by inflating themoney supply via deficit spending)—and for someone who seeks a government with a consistent foreign policy of pure self-defense, where no American soldier is sacrificed needlessly and no mercy is shown to our enemies — and for someone who seeks separation of church and state — and open borders to immigrants — there is no acceptable candidate for President.

Even if you simply seek a candidate who consistentlyspeaks in depthof actual ideas rather than one-liners, who speaks from actual knowledge of history rather than pre-determined slogans, who acts like a human being rather than a marionette, you are out of luck. Of course there are brief exceptions here and there where the two candidates show a glimmer of actual thought, but nothing measurable.

The way the candidates act like robots,perhaps they arecurrent examples of the merging of Man and Machine.

Here’s what I plan to do on Election Day.

I think that even if you don’t want to vote for President, it’s important to vote for good candidates for the House and Senate. Good candidates are (approximately) the non-theocratic, non-socialistic and non-pacifistic ones. In other words, the ones that are generally pro-capitalism, pro-freedom, anti-taxation, anti-spending, anti-regulations, anti-bailouts, pro-defense and pro-choice, who primarily follow reason and not a mystical or religious guide. Few are going to fit all of these criteria, but some will fit most of them.

Many of the anti-bailout House Republicans, for example, should be rewarded for their fight against nationalizing the banks, withyourvote. (But don’t vote for any Huckabee types.)

Also, since thepacifist-socialist-altruist-leaningObama appears to be headed for the Presidency, voting forany relatively secular, pro-capitalist and hawkish Republicans you can find for the House and Senate is a good idea, in order to fight Obama and at least create gridlock. But don’t votein any more theocratic Republicans. Basically, look for pro-choice Republicans, or those who are not primarily known for religious-right views. In New Jersey, I will vote for Zimmer for Senate, a pro-choice Republican who has beenpraised for his anti-tax record, and Lance for Congress, another pro-choice Republican.

In New Jersey, I will vote for Zimmer for Senate, a pro-choice Republican who has beenpraised for his anti-tax record, and Lance for Congress, another pro-choice Republican.If (pragmatist-socialist-altruist) McCain wins, there is automatically gridlock, as he will be fighting the majority-Democratic Congress. But since McCain is expected to lose, the best hope for gridlock is voting for the better Republicans for House and Senate seats. Gridlock is good because usually, the less the government accomplishes, and the fewer bills that become law, the better for all of us.

Finally, if Obama seems headedto win in a landslide, it may be worth voting for McCain just to avoid an Obama “mandate” by reducing the margin of Obama’s victory.

To sum up, both candidates for President are unacceptable. For Congress, the religious-right Republicans, and big-spending altruist Republicansare unacceptable. The pacifist-socialist-altruist, tax-and-spend Democrats are also unacceptable.

But it’s important to vote for any secular, anti-tax, anti-spending, anti-bailout hawkish Republicans for the House and Senate, if you have any in your district. There is a chance theywill fightwhoever isPresident and the rest of Congress, and at least create gridlock, which is a relatively good thing.

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As seven years have gone by, here are the words that express my yet-to-be-fulfilled wishes, thanks to the immensely talented graphic novelist Bosch Fawstin:

I wish to add the following to Bosch’s words: Time dissipates the emotions. But the primary perpetrators, the Islamofascists, the leadership and supporters of anti-Western ideology and violence in Iran and Saudi Arabia, still have not “heard from us” in the way they need to, the way President Bush promised the firefighters and rescuers at Ground Zero in 2001. I’m not satisfied.

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George Will on Environmentalism

I have posted a reply to George Will’s excellent column, “The United States’ New Pre-Emptive War.”

Although there is one sentence about abortion rights that I would argue with, in the rest of the essay Mr. Will eloquently and accurately analyzes environmentalism, with reference to declaring polar bears “endangered” based on “future global warming,” and quotations from Nigel Lawson. CLICK HERE

Here is my comment:

Ayn Rand Foresaw This Outcome

Almost four decades ago, Ayn Rand predicted that leftist
environmentalists would seek to justify all-encompassing regulations, as George Will accurately describes above. She wrote in her essay The Anti-Industrial Revolution: “The immediate goal is obvious: the destruction of the remnants of capitalism in today’s mixed economy, and the establishment of a global dictatorship. This goal does not have to be inferred —- many speeches and books on the subject state explicitly that the ecological crusade is a means to that end.” (From Return of the Primitive)

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China and North Korean Refugees

All the talk these days is about China’s cracking down on Tibetans, and it is a terrible thing to witness.

Recently, China is claiming that the Tibetan protestors are puppets whose strings are being pulled by foreign religious elements, as a way of downplaying the situation and as an excuse to investigate and shut down churches or other groups who have any foreign involvement.

Related to this, things are getting worse in regard to China’s deplorable treatment of North Korean refugees and those who try to assist them inside China.

China has been known to send refugees, who have escaped North Korea’s police state into China,back to NK, to be imprisoned or tortured or killed by the authorities there, or to simply starve to death due to the conditions there.

Now China is recruiting more informants to report North Korean defectors by offering a reward equivalent to the average annual income in China, for each North Korean defector reported.

Added to that bad news, the punishment has been made more severe for those in China extending help to North Korean defectors. Instead of being fined, they now face the threat of imprisonment.

Of course, if China wereto follow justice (and the international refugees convention)they would protect the North Korean refugees, give them asylum or allow them to move on to other countries safely, and allowpeople to assist them.

Here is a letter I have written to the Chinese Embassy:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in protest, upon learning that China is making punishments more severe for people who extend assistance to North Korean defectors.

I understand they face prison sentences now, rather than fines.
I believe that North Korean defectors are refugees who should be protected as such under the international refugees convention.

Anyone helping such refugees should be permitted to do so, as North Korea does not respect the rights of its people. Please end the threat of prison sentences for those who help North Korean defectors.

Additionally, North Korean refugees must not be repatriated as they face death or harsh penalties by the NorthKorean government for attempting to leave. North Korea does not respect human rights, these individualsneed to be protected as refugees.

Most of the world is sympathetic to the plight of North Korean defectors, and sees them as refugees. Please show that you respect human rights, and protect them, and do not punish those who give them assistance.

Thank you.

I sent this to

Feel free to write to them yourself.

I sent this to:

Feel free to write to them yourself.

To send a letter (snail mail) to the Ambassador in Washington, write to:

Ambassador:  Zhou Wenzhong




Or telephone him at: 1-202-328-2500,  or 328-2551 .

For more information,  see:


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Show No Mercy to Islamic Fundamentalists

Al Qaida in Iraq, and other Islamic terrorist groups,follow the principles of Islamic Fundamentalism. By abandoning reason and embracing on faith, without question,the teachings of their leaders and of the Koran, which pretend to speak for some sort of God or Allah, which must be obeyed, Islamic Fundamentalists become terrorists, who kill the innocent brutally. The West, and any individual westerner, who primarily follows reason and not this mystical nonexistent God, is unacceptable to these Islamic Fascists. Therefore they believe they must destroy the West and they will do so if they have a chance. They cause unthinkable harm now on an individual or small-group scale, and they will cause unthinkable destruction once they get their hands on larger-impact weapons. It’s not over. These evil destroyers and their supporting dictators in Iran, Syriaand Saudi Arabia must be stopped. Who will stop them among the US Presidential candidates? Who around the world will stop them? Who will show no mercy to them, as they show no mercy to the innocent? Who will wipe out the Islamic Fundamentalist leaders and their weapons, and terrify any still alive strongly enough to end the movement?

We must show no mercy, but no one should ever do what they are doing to the innocent.

Here are the facts and evidence that support my commentary:

From Lauren Frayer, Associated Press(,4670,IraqBoyTerrorists,00.html):

“Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said he believed insurgents were kidnapping an increasing number of Iraqi children, though he could not offer details or figures.

” ‘This is not only to recruit them, but also to demand ransom to fund the operations of al-Qaida,’ al-Askari said. He aired another grainy video clip which he said showed Iraqi security forces rescuing an 11-year-old boy who had been kidnapped by al-Qaida.”

And from this report by Jennifer Griffin, Fox News (,2933,328832,00.html):

“Kidnapping and extortion are how Al Qaeda in Iraq finances its attacks. It is big business…

“This story had a happy ending, but most kidnappings in Iraq do not. Ammar was from a simple family, and his father never could have paid the $100,000 ransom.

“In an interview after his son was returned to the family, Ammar’s father said, ‘The kidnappers told us that if we fail to pay the ransom, they will behead my son and put his head in the garbage can in front of my house. We told them that we don’t have money.’

“The raid netted five kidnappers and led the coalition forces to another boy being held in a hideout nearby. He was freed on Sunday.”

The following report is from a pro-Christian Churchorganization, the Barnabas Fund, but I have seen similar reports elsewhere and I believe them to be true.

Iraq: Children being cooked
“In at least one incident, an 11-year-old boy was recently ‘slaughtered’ by Muslim militants believed to be linked to the ‘al Qaida in Iraq’ group, who later ‘cooked’ the child, several news reports said. His family was allegedly later invited to a ‘feast meal’ where they were forced to eat the boy, reports said.

“In the most shocking report from Iraq we have received, a toddler was kidnapped in Baghdad in October 2006. The mother could not afford to pay the ransom, and so the kidnappers killed the child. They returned the body to the mother. The little child had been beheaded, roasted and was served on a mound of rice. In another incident a 14-year-old Christian boy was held down by his limbs and beheaded, or, as Iraqi Christians have described it, ‘crucified’. His Muslim attackers called him a ‘dirty Christian sinner’ and chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ (Allah is great).

“Christians in Iraq, including converts from Islam and people involved in mixed-faith marriages, are being crucified by Muslim terrorists, according to a Dutch member of Parliament studying the war-torn country.

“Several Iraqi Christians ‘are nailed to a cross and their arms are tied up with ropes. The ropes are put on fire,’ Joel Voordewind told BosNewsLife, an online news agency focusing on Christians and Jews in difficult circumstances.

“According to the site, Voordewind described how a person, who ‘survived’ a crucifixion, ‘even showed holes in his hands,’ apparently from nails.

“Voordewind said victims of the crucifixions are ‘in most cases Christian converts who abandoned Islam or people who, religiously speaking, are involved in mixed marriages.'”

Here is a Youtube video with an audio interview describing similar unthinkable, most-evil actions by Al Qaida in Iraq. The audio is from the chat room/podcasting web site Paltalk (, according to the person who posted it on


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Calling All Reluctant Republicans

If (unlike most of the Republican candidates) you believe in the separation of Church and State provision of the U.S. Constitution, if you are strongly moral in a pro-individual responsibility, pro-reason, pro-honesty, pro-justice, pro-freedom,secular way–

If you don’t hate corporations and businessmen in a rabid, manic, almost racist fashion, but insteadif you love the benefits of capitalism–malls, personal computers, TV’s, theme parks–and of the freedom to start your own business and earn your own way with pride–

If (unlike John McCain) you are for the right to Freedom of Speech (which he violated with the McCain-Feingold Act) and if (unlike John McCain) you think a physically painless and safe technique of interrogation like water-boarding is perfectly acceptable for America to use in order to gain information that will protect Americans from death and destruction inflicted by our enemies–

If you admire the great capitalists that created Microsoft, Apple, Pixar, Disney, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kodak, Amazon, and if you want their taxes and yours to be as low as possible, so that their property rightsand yours are protected, so that they and you are as free as possible to be as productive as desired–

If you think abortions areoften sad events but that they are a personal matter that must remain legal, if you are not a religious evangelist, not a theocrat, not a Christian Fundamentalist, but you also don’t want to be forced to vote for the anti-capitalism party ofKarl Marx’sideas(The Democratic Party), just to prevent the election of theocratic politicianswho impose theirfaith on you–

If you’re sick of Democrats(and Ron Paul) pretending that talking to our sworn enemies (such as the IslamicTheocrats that run Iran, Syria,Saudi Arabia,and the other Muslim Dictatorships) and diplomacy with them(aka bribing them) will somehow keep them from trying without mercy to terrorize and destroy us–

If you’re sick ofDemocrats (and Ron Paul) pretending that World War III isn’t at hand, that Western Civilization isn’t at risk, but you also don’t want to vote for Republicans who pay lip service to self-defense but are going to crumble at the first sign of confrontation (e.g., the milquetoasty Mitt Romney, the second-generation politician)–

If you see that all but one Republican candidateincludes imposition of religious ideas (like being “pro-life”)in his platform–

Now is the time to act!

Vote for Rudy!

Now is the time to fix the Grand Old Party so it isn’t the voice of Religious Domination any more, so that it can be a valid alternative to the Democrats for the secular but moral voter, who is on the side of American self-defense, and who is for the American way.

Vote for Rudy!

If youare registeredto vote intheUnited States primary elections as a Republican, or if you are registered in a state where Independents and Democrats are permitted to vote for Republicans, the solution to the theocracy crisis within the GOP is at hand.

Vote in your primary for Rudy Giuliani.

There is no front-runner right now in the GOP race. Rudy’s voters have been quiet until now. But starting with the Florida Primary on January 29, Rudy can come back to the front-runner status he held all of last year.

Many Republicans aren’t sure, so far, who they want. If they can see Rudy Giuliani is still viable, they will realize that he is the leader they want. And if Rudy Giulianibecomes the nominee, he will do more than anyone else to transform the Republican Party back to the more secular pro-capitalism, pro-self-defense party it once was, or nearly was, in the early 20th Century.

The two main reasons to vote for Rudy Giulianiare that he will restore the secularidentity of the GOP, and that he will actually and proactivelydefend America against our enemy attackers. A secondary reason is that, with the help of advisors like Steve Forbes, he will lower taxes and otherwise make good choices regarding the economy.

Another factor for my belief in him is the effectiveness with which he made major improvements in New York City, which anyone who visited the city for just one day in 1989 and then again forone day in 1999, could easily notice. I lived and worked in NYC during those years. He confronted powerful groups no one had confronted before, and made major improvements in quality of life, lowering taxes, fighting crime. He was effective.

What about his failed marriages, his family situation, his so-called scandals? They are minor details. Bill and Hillary Clintonhave many more scandals in their histories, and their electability is not questioned. Frank Lloyd Wright had major scandals in his personal family life, but his greatness as an architect is notin question.

Vote in the primaries for Rudy Giuiliani.

Volunteer to help campaign for Rudy at

Send the Rudy 2008 campaign your money at

Write letters to the editor and blog about Rudy being the best candidate.

Tell your friends you are voting for Rudy.

Dr. Harry Binswanger (Objectivist philosopher and former student of Ayn Rand herself) has announced this month on his mailing list, HBL (,that he is supporting Rudy Giuliani for President, primarily in order to removethe influence of thereligious rightfrom the Republican Party and from the U.S. government.

But way back in March, Iblogged an explanation of why I support Rudy. See this link:

And see this recent article at Front Page Mag that focuses on one reasonwhy Rudy is unique among the candidates:

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