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China and North Korean Refugees

All the talk these days is about China’s cracking down on Tibetans, and it is a terrible thing to witness.

Recently, China is claiming that the Tibetan protestors are puppets whose strings are being pulled by foreign religious elements, as a way of downplaying the situation and as an excuse to investigate and shut down churches or other groups who have any foreign involvement.

Related to this, things are getting worse in regard to China’s deplorable treatment of North Korean refugees and those who try to assist them inside China.

China has been known to send refugees, who have escaped North Korea’s police state into China,back to NK, to be imprisoned or tortured or killed by the authorities there, or to simply starve to death due to the conditions there.

Now China is recruiting more informants to report North Korean defectors by offering a reward equivalent to the average annual income in China, for each North Korean defector reported.

Added to that bad news, the punishment has been made more severe for those in China extending help to North Korean defectors. Instead of being fined, they now face the threat of imprisonment.

Of course, if China wereto follow justice (and the international refugees convention)they would protect the North Korean refugees, give them asylum or allow them to move on to other countries safely, and allowpeople to assist them.

Here is a letter I have written to the Chinese Embassy:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in protest, upon learning that China is making punishments more severe for people who extend assistance to North Korean defectors.

I understand they face prison sentences now, rather than fines.
I believe that North Korean defectors are refugees who should be protected as such under the international refugees convention.

Anyone helping such refugees should be permitted to do so, as North Korea does not respect the rights of its people. Please end the threat of prison sentences for those who help North Korean defectors.

Additionally, North Korean refugees must not be repatriated as they face death or harsh penalties by the NorthKorean government for attempting to leave. North Korea does not respect human rights, these individualsneed to be protected as refugees.

Most of the world is sympathetic to the plight of North Korean defectors, and sees them as refugees. Please show that you respect human rights, and protect them, and do not punish those who give them assistance.

Thank you.

I sent this to

Feel free to write to them yourself.

I sent this to:

Feel free to write to them yourself.

To send a letter (snail mail) to the Ambassador in Washington, write to:

Ambassador:  Zhou Wenzhong




Or telephone him at: 1-202-328-2500,  or 328-2551 .

For more information,  see:


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Activism Now! Israel, North Korea, Global Warming

Hi, everyone.

There are so many important issues out there on which to comment, and regarding which to take action. I don’t have the time to blog on all of them, butI’ll just list a bunch of links here and you can do the rest.

Here’s an easy way to protest the current demands at the Annapolis conference, for Israel to compromise with terrorists and murderers. This web site will automatically dial phone numbers to American and Isreali leaders so you can leave your own voice message defending the rights of Israel against the leaders of its enemies, the dictatorships that systematically violate the rights of their own citizens and engage in terrorism against Israel. Israel by comparison isa civilized, free country and democracy that has the right to self-defense.

And be sure to read this excellent analysis of the Annapolis conference:

Here’s a link to a web site that is promoting a Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 protest against Chinese treatment of North Korean Refugees, at Chinese consulates around the world. These refugees have miraculously escaped the concentration camp that is North Korea, and yet have to endure mistreatment by China and then repatriation to North Korea, where they could then possibly betortured and murdered for daring to escape.

And here (See sites listed below)are links to essays and web sites that answer Al Gore and other Environmentalists who want to use the alleged 3 degrees of climate improvement to comeover the next 100 years, as an excuse to immediately impose government regulations on the whole planet. This good news about the wonderful warm weather to come,is also the reason to systematically make self-sacrifice the habitual state of everyone, especially all the little children who are taught the world iscoming to anend. This state of self-sacrifice is necessary presumably so that everyone is so miserable they won’t notice that they have no free enterprise system any more,and they won’t care when all their money is taxed away to make the Green politicians and subsidized Green cronies rich, and all their actions need to be approved by Green-enforcer bureacrats via endless paperwork, or else!

Send these links, these articles, to all your fearful friends who want to give up everything, the whole industrial revolution,in order to merely slow down–not even stop–the inevitable end of the world, coming in their minds only of course:

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