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Billy news, X-Men, Jane Russell

Kip Liles emails me that she found convincing evidencefrom an internet sourcethat Billy, the brother of Bradley McGee (see my post about my podcast called “Protecting Children”), is still alive at age 5. But that’s all she knows about Billy.

Meanwhile, I saw “X-Men: The Last Stand” and I thought its plot, while often stretchingone’s ability to suspend disbelief, nonetheless was exciting, suspenseful, and contained surprising and satisfying confrontations between characters, unexpected and dramatic events, and surprising yetbelievable choices made by various characters. I hadn’t read the comic books, I’ve only seen the movies, so it was all new to me. Compared to most fantasy and science fiction films today, this plot was jam-packed with ideas, probably because it was based on many years’ worth of comics written by very talented and imaginative writers who put a lot of thought into the stories (along with their editors). People like Marvel’s Stan Lee and DC’s Carmine Infantino and the late Julius Schwartz are extremely clever and talented people, certainly moreso than many in the film business today.

Speaking of the film business, I see that a star of the golden age of movies, Jane Russell, is performing live on stage in her home town of Santa Maria, California a couple of times a month. Since she wasn’t being hired for film roles, she was bored so she started her own show at the local Radisson. She also long ago created an organization, WAIF, which places foster children into adoptive families. Incidentally, she was and remainsa Republican, and has said on the Larry King show during a remembrance of (GOP) comedian Bob Hope that in her heyday of the 1940s most of Hollywood was Republican.

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Foster Parenting Featured on 20/20

Related to my podcast on and my previous post here, a feature by Bob Brown on kids in the foster care system will be on tonight’s TV Newsmagazine “20/20” (June 2, 2006 on ABC at 10:00 PM ET in the U.S.). See I don’t know whether they will post a transcript there if you missed it, but you can take a look.

And last night, there was a moving program on ABC’s “Primetime” with Diane Sawyer, about foster children, which showed some success stories where a few atrociously abusedand neglected childrenstarted to heal themselveswith the help offoster parents and a private children’s care facility called Maryhurst, and some were even adopted — although many remain in limbo.

There is a lot of information on the subject here:

It seems clear that many of the worst cases occur in households where parents are drug or alcohol abusers.No further proof is neededthat clarity of the mind is the essential value and that drug abuseor any other activity which distortsor halts such clarity are the essential evil.

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Protecting Children

Well, I just finished tapingthe first episode of The Zigory Show, my internet radio program (podcast). It was an emotional experience, and a rewarding one. I thank Prodos so much for giving me and others the opportunity to take a crack at broadcasting.

The program should be available in a day or two at Ihighly recommend it. It’s an intense conversation. The subject matter is of interest to all sorts of people, even if they aren’t knowledgeableaboutCapitalism or Ayn Rand,so if you find it compelling please email all your friends to give it a listen. Here’s my official capsule summary of the podcast:

Protecting Children

On this episode of The Zigory Show, Greg Zeigerson interviews Kip Liles, a former foster parent to over 200 children. She became anactivist inthe cause of protecting children from harm after one of her foster children was returned to the custody of his mother and stepfather only to be murdered by them.

We explore the role of the police force, the courts, current laws and statutes, and foster parents, in protecting children or failing to do so.Whydo some courts makejudgments thatare not in the best interests of the child? Why are so many abused children returned toharm’s way? For background on the discussion, see the column, “The Death of Bradley McGee” by Michelle Malkin, available here:

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I Have A Guest

Well, I have a guest lined up for my first internet radio broadcast (podcast). Wewill be recording it in the coming week. The topic will be protecting children from harm: the role of the police force, the courts, the laws, and foster parents. What laws and judgments are in the best interests of the child? Why are so many abused children returned to harm’s way? I will keep you all posted on when the program is available for downloading from and I will name the guest at that time.

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Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Il

Warning: this is an upsetting post.

I finally saw “Children of the Secret State” on Discovery Times Channel last night. I’ve seen other documentaries on North Korea and on its refugees, but this one is the sharpest in its evidence of atrocities, including video images by Ahn Chol of starving orphans heroically photographed at the risk of his execution if discovered. Despite North Korea’s claims of a bumper farm crop in 2005, you can be certain there is still starvation in the rural towns, there are still prison camps where entire innocent families are starved, beaten and killed with long knives (because a father or an uncle spoke words that were not permitted to be spoken). You can be sure there are still “hostels” for orphan children where they are given no food and must escape or die.

Kim Jong Il’s late father, Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea, learned directly from Stalin. It is inevitable under Communism, or any form of Collectivism, where the Individual is officially subordinate to the State or the Group, that the sacred value of the Individual, his right to his own life, is obliterated and replaced by a total lack of respect for any human life or human right except for the whims of the Dictator. People become a drain on the system in a Collectivist, controlled economy, instead of the source of Plenty (for themselves because they are free to act in their own self-interest) that they are in Capitalism. People become expendable.

The food aid the USA sends to North Korea goes directly to the North Korean military and the government. It doesn’t go to the starving people in the small towns.

If you ever said “Never Again” in regard to the Hitler Holocaust or the Stalin Holocaust, well, it’s been happening again for a long time in North Korea. It’s not a racial group as it was under the Nazis. It’s anyone who could weaken the government’s power — by speaking — that is persecuted, imprisoned, tortured. Where else is it happening again? What do we know about the situations for prisoners of conscience in Iran and Syria? And we do know about the horrors in Sudan and Rwanda thanks to their dictators.

While any free country has the right to attack NK, or any other nation that doesn’t respect the rights of its own people to be free, America needs to be careful not to get entangled if it is not in the interests of its own defense. But NK has declared America to be its enemy, and probably has nuclear weapons. NK will certainly assist groups like Al Queda and states like Iran, by giving them weapons parts and technology, and weapons themselves, if America is the target.

The innocent people of NK can only benefit from a self-defense based (ideally aerial bombing) attack by America on the NK government and its nuclear facilities. Even if the prisoners and other innocent civilians die from American bombs, they will be grateful when they start to hear the bombs drop. I know this from interviewing Nazi concentration camp survivors.

We don’t have to set up the new government, we just have to get rid of the dangerous one. If possible we could try to assist a freedom-loving leader in establishing a constitutionally limited, rights-respecting government (with our know-how, not with our own fighting men). The only necessity to protect the safety and future of America (and our civilized, free allies) is that today’s oppressive NK regime is out of power, and their nuclear weapons are destroyed. Starvation won’t end instantly, and lawlessness may abound for awhile. But our priority needs to be to get rid of a dangerous nuclear-powered enemy first. Action is necessary. Eventually the starvation will end as people become free to work for themselves instead of the “Dear Leader”. That will be an indirect benefit to the innocent North Korean people, if we destroy their government for our own self-defense reasons.

We need not worry about the intense immigration into China and South Korea that may result. There are ways for these nations to absorb them. This should not prevent our taking necessary action.

Needless to say it’s just as necessary for us to also take action against the states that create anti-American terrorists, primarily Iran, but also Syria, and possibly Saudi Arabia. If Iran is obtaining nuclear weaponry, it must be stopped, now.

Another problem I wish to point out is that China keeps sending refugees who escape from North Korea into China, back to be punished by the NK authorities. I recommend that everyone put pressure on China to stop doing this including by writing letters to Chinese representatives and to publications.

Anyway, here are some links:

The program Children of the Secret State:

An organization that assists North Korean refugees who have escaped:

Another site of interest, including information on a pro-freedom march for NK in Washington, D.C.:

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