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Emmy-Winner Hugh Fink on The Zigory Show

In another Zigory Show about the art and business of entertainment, Irecently interviewed Hugh Fink, a stand-up comedian, television writer and producer who has won an Emmy for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He has also taught comedy at UCLA. This new episode of The Zigory Show will soon be available for listening and downloading on

He was the subject of an article in the New York Times on October 17, 2006about his plan to perform at his alma mater that went awry due to an attempt by authorities to alter his routine.We discuss this incidentinthe Zigory Show interview.

An articleabout David Spade’s Showbiz Show, with quotes from Hugh,its creator and producer, appeared in the New York Times on September 15, 2005(reprinted in itsentiretyelsewhere on September 28, 2005)and Hugh is also quoted in a Times article about Saturday Night Live on January 2, 2005.

I have known Hugh since our college years at New York University. It was great fun catching up with him and fascinating to hear his views on what makes something funny, what is the most important element in writing goodcomedy, the different types of humor, what one motivationhe believes all comedians have in common, and the steps of his career so far fromclass clownto stand-up comicto writer-producer. We discuss today’s edgy humor and what value it can have, what areits disvalues when mishandled, and compare it to softer, lightercomedy such asThe Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Whether you agree with his opinions or not, he is a knowledgeable,experienced professional in comedy whose comments are of interest to anyone with a curiosity about entertainment and humor.

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Kingdom of New York City

King Bloomberg and his Merry Board of Health Fascists now dictaterestaurant recipes in all of New York City’s 24,000 food establishments.

What’s next, a gendarme in every home’s kitchenmaking sure at the point of a gun that you don’t cook with trans fats?

See Also see an excellent comment by Dr. Mark A. Hurt at

George Reisman wrote a goodblog post on the topic of food-choice freedom at his request that libertarians become more like Objectivists is at best futile). He paints a vivid and believable picture of where this trend toward violating freedom of choice is headed — a snapshot of what life may be like one day soon — and what principles must be upheld as inviolable, in orderto prevent it.

On my previous blog post topic, did you know that Rudy Giuliani had stepped down from the Baker-Hamilton commission (Iraq Study Group) earlyon? Here’s a good editorial aboutBaker vs. Giuliani: I continue to support Giuliani for President in 2008 unless an even stronger candidatecomes along.

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Bipartisan Iraq War Report

Today’sbipartisan report by The Iraq Study Group regarding the Iraq War makes the exactly wrong recommendation: Talk to and negotiate with Iran and Syria.In other words, give them credibility.

See .

Iran and Syria’s actions havebeen purely evil, consistently. Why pretend they will change now? Just “hope” they suddenly turn sane after being psychopaths?They are notsimply psychopaths, but psychopaths on principledue to their beliefs! This hoping and wishing for the best is not a good plan if you want to live — or live free.

What could account for such illogical wrong-headedness on the part of supposedlyintelligent, wise,accomplished men? It is the influence of their own religious beliefs, specifically its focus on altruism and forgiveness. It is also a long trend of intellectuals teaching moral relativism or equivalence, or the doctrine of diversity, which denies one’s right to make distinctions between cultures,including distinctions between good and evil! We are taught to put blinders on rather than see the full picture with utter clarity.

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