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Updates from Zigory

Here’s my brief comment regarding the report in The New York Times on January 14, 2007,that Randall Wallace is writing a two-hour screenplay for the Atlas Shrugged movie:

A two-hour movie cannot convey anything substantial about the 1084-page novel’s plot, drama, and ideas. It would be like reading an outline for a proposed movie. It would be less fulfilling than Cliff’s Notes. A better idea would be to take a 100-page segment of the novel and dramatize it,without pretending to represent the whole novel. My hope is that Randall Wallace will be greedy enough to want three paydays instead of one, and write a trilogy after all.

About The Zigory Show with Hugh Fink: The Solid Vox web site ( and all of the Prodosphere sites arechanging servers and Prodos is going through toil and trouble to make them all work correctly.

When that is taken care of, my very enjoyable, funnyand informative interview with comedian/producer/writer Hugh Fink will go online at After that,more Zigory Shows are on their way. I’m keeping with the Performing Arts/Show Business theme as it is one of my main areas of interest and expertise. I am currently planning interviews with people known for their work in Old Time Radio and in animation.

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