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Calling All Reluctant Republicans

If (unlike most of the Republican candidates) you believe in the separation of Church and State provision of the U.S. Constitution, if you are strongly moral in a pro-individual responsibility, pro-reason, pro-honesty, pro-justice, pro-freedom,secular way–

If you don’t hate corporations and businessmen in a rabid, manic, almost racist fashion, but insteadif you love the benefits of capitalism–malls, personal computers, TV’s, theme parks–and of the freedom to start your own business and earn your own way with pride–

If (unlike John McCain) you are for the right to Freedom of Speech (which he violated with the McCain-Feingold Act) and if (unlike John McCain) you think a physically painless and safe technique of interrogation like water-boarding is perfectly acceptable for America to use in order to gain information that will protect Americans from death and destruction inflicted by our enemies–

If you admire the great capitalists that created Microsoft, Apple, Pixar, Disney, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kodak, Amazon, and if you want their taxes and yours to be as low as possible, so that their property rightsand yours are protected, so that they and you are as free as possible to be as productive as desired–

If you think abortions areoften sad events but that they are a personal matter that must remain legal, if you are not a religious evangelist, not a theocrat, not a Christian Fundamentalist, but you also don’t want to be forced to vote for the anti-capitalism party ofKarl Marx’sideas(The Democratic Party), just to prevent the election of theocratic politicianswho impose theirfaith on you–

If you’re sick of Democrats(and Ron Paul) pretending that talking to our sworn enemies (such as the IslamicTheocrats that run Iran, Syria,Saudi Arabia,and the other Muslim Dictatorships) and diplomacy with them(aka bribing them) will somehow keep them from trying without mercy to terrorize and destroy us–

If you’re sick ofDemocrats (and Ron Paul) pretending that World War III isn’t at hand, that Western Civilization isn’t at risk, but you also don’t want to vote for Republicans who pay lip service to self-defense but are going to crumble at the first sign of confrontation (e.g., the milquetoasty Mitt Romney, the second-generation politician)–

If you see that all but one Republican candidateincludes imposition of religious ideas (like being “pro-life”)in his platform–

Now is the time to act!

Vote for Rudy!

Now is the time to fix the Grand Old Party so it isn’t the voice of Religious Domination any more, so that it can be a valid alternative to the Democrats for the secular but moral voter, who is on the side of American self-defense, and who is for the American way.

Vote for Rudy!

If youare registeredto vote intheUnited States primary elections as a Republican, or if you are registered in a state where Independents and Democrats are permitted to vote for Republicans, the solution to the theocracy crisis within the GOP is at hand.

Vote in your primary for Rudy Giuliani.

There is no front-runner right now in the GOP race. Rudy’s voters have been quiet until now. But starting with the Florida Primary on January 29, Rudy can come back to the front-runner status he held all of last year.

Many Republicans aren’t sure, so far, who they want. If they can see Rudy Giuliani is still viable, they will realize that he is the leader they want. And if Rudy Giulianibecomes the nominee, he will do more than anyone else to transform the Republican Party back to the more secular pro-capitalism, pro-self-defense party it once was, or nearly was, in the early 20th Century.

The two main reasons to vote for Rudy Giulianiare that he will restore the secularidentity of the GOP, and that he will actually and proactivelydefend America against our enemy attackers. A secondary reason is that, with the help of advisors like Steve Forbes, he will lower taxes and otherwise make good choices regarding the economy.

Another factor for my belief in him is the effectiveness with which he made major improvements in New York City, which anyone who visited the city for just one day in 1989 and then again forone day in 1999, could easily notice. I lived and worked in NYC during those years. He confronted powerful groups no one had confronted before, and made major improvements in quality of life, lowering taxes, fighting crime. He was effective.

What about his failed marriages, his family situation, his so-called scandals? They are minor details. Bill and Hillary Clintonhave many more scandals in their histories, and their electability is not questioned. Frank Lloyd Wright had major scandals in his personal family life, but his greatness as an architect is notin question.

Vote in the primaries for Rudy Giuiliani.

Volunteer to help campaign for Rudy at

Send the Rudy 2008 campaign your money at

Write letters to the editor and blog about Rudy being the best candidate.

Tell your friends you are voting for Rudy.

Dr. Harry Binswanger (Objectivist philosopher and former student of Ayn Rand herself) has announced this month on his mailing list, HBL (,that he is supporting Rudy Giuliani for President, primarily in order to removethe influence of thereligious rightfrom the Republican Party and from the U.S. government.

But way back in March, Iblogged an explanation of why I support Rudy. See this link:

And see this recent article at Front Page Mag that focuses on one reasonwhy Rudy is unique among the candidates:

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