Foster Parenting Featured on 20/20

Related to my podcast on and my previous post here, a feature by Bob Brown on kids in the foster care system will be on tonight’s TV Newsmagazine “20/20” (June 2, 2006 on ABC at 10:00 PM ET in the U.S.). See I don’t know whether they will post a transcript there if you missed it, but you can take a look.

And last night, there was a moving program on ABC’s “Primetime” with Diane Sawyer, about foster children, which showed some success stories where a few atrociously abusedand neglected childrenstarted to heal themselveswith the help offoster parents and a private children’s care facility called Maryhurst, and some were even adopted — although many remain in limbo.

There is a lot of information on the subject here:

It seems clear that many of the worst cases occur in households where parents are drug or alcohol abusers.No further proof is neededthat clarity of the mind is the essential value and that drug abuseor any other activity which distortsor halts such clarity are the essential evil.

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