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Kip Liles emails me that she found convincing evidencefrom an internet sourcethat Billy, the brother of Bradley McGee (see my post about my podcast called “Protecting Children”), is still alive at age 5. But that’s all she knows about Billy.

Meanwhile, I saw “X-Men: The Last Stand” and I thought its plot, while often stretchingone’s ability to suspend disbelief, nonetheless was exciting, suspenseful, and contained surprising and satisfying confrontations between characters, unexpected and dramatic events, and surprising yetbelievable choices made by various characters. I hadn’t read the comic books, I’ve only seen the movies, so it was all new to me. Compared to most fantasy and science fiction films today, this plot was jam-packed with ideas, probably because it was based on many years’ worth of comics written by very talented and imaginative writers who put a lot of thought into the stories (along with their editors). People like Marvel’s Stan Lee and DC’s Carmine Infantino and the late Julius Schwartz are extremely clever and talented people, certainly moreso than many in the film business today.

Speaking of the film business, I see that a star of the golden age of movies, Jane Russell, is performing live on stage in her home town of Santa Maria, California a couple of times a month. Since she wasn’t being hired for film roles, she was bored so she started her own show at the local Radisson. She also long ago created an organization, WAIF, which places foster children into adoptive families. Incidentally, she was and remainsa Republican, and has said on the Larry King show during a remembrance of (GOP) comedian Bob Hope that in her heyday of the 1940s most of Hollywood was Republican.

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  1. Deanna Peoples Case

    I was doing some family research, and came upon your page. I am a distant relative of Jane Russell (by marriage) and I just learned she was living in Santa Maria. I am about to move to the Hollywood Hills, and would love to have contact information for her. (I think she would like to hear from me, also – she was married to my great Uncle Johnny for 25 years, and our families have lost touch.) If you have any information that can help me, please get in touch. If not – I understand.

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