Never Again?

For those who say about the Nazi concentration camps and thedeadly prisoncamps of Stalin, “never again”, here is some news: it is again, now.

More evidence about North Korea’s concentration camp Haengyong, with its”Killing Compound” known as Camp 22, is detailed in this article from WorldNetDaily. Political prisoners become the subject ofevil experiments here — when they aren’t starved or beaten or killed in gas chambers. Sound familiar?

Yes, it isn’t our job to save everyone, but clearly North Korea is a dangerous enemy of the West and the U.S. in particular, and they have nuclear weapons. The concentration camps make it even more obvious that we need to strike them with no reluctance or restraint. I have heard directly from Auschwitz survivors that while in the camp they welcomed the sound of the bombs getting closer even if it meant they would die too.

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