Time In Ayn Rand’s Words/Zigory’s Priorities

Hereare Ayn Rand’s own words about the subject of time, from “Ayn Rand Answers”, edited by Robert Mayhew:

“My view is, in effect, Aristotelian…there is no such thing as independent time or space. The universe is finite, and the concept of time applies to the relationship between entities. Specifically, time is a measurement of motion, which is a change of relationship between entities within the universe. Time cannot exist by itself. It exists only within the universe; it does not apply to the universe as a whole. By ‘universe’ I mean the total of what exists. The universe could have no relationship to anything outside itself: no motion, no change and therefore, no time.”

A couple of thoughts about yesterday’s post: You should know that the situationof cramped apartmentsand the need to have roommates is typical in New York City, unlike some other cities. Also, I forgot to mentionmy move to Florida and back after7 months(because Disney’s salary–and seemingly that of every non-professional job in Florida at the time–was too low to cover expenses).

I don’t regret the priorities I chose over time, and theadventures I’ve had,and now I thoroughly enjoy my new family and home and long-term writing projects (plusthe podcasting and blogging).Parenting and teaching my children, being able to share with them and my wife enjoyment of ahouse and yard in a pleasant park-filled neighborhood,are at the top of my value prioritiesalong with my writing/arts projects. I made the right decision in devoting the time to improving my situation and to searching for the right mate.

Those who start out with parents or uncles able and willing to assist financially do have a great advantage in terms of saving time, but eventually those without such advantages achieve their values as well, in a relatively free society like the United States. But sometimes I imagine how much easier things would be without New York’s rent regulations/controls that effectively keepartificially low-rent spacious apartments off the market (secretly passed along from family member to family member, close friend to closefriend, as if a rare treasure–or keptunused rather than relinquished),and incredibly high taxes that turn decent salaries into poor ones.

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