Three Cheers

Three Cheers for Israel, finally taking meaningful action against its enemies (and ours), the purest of pure evil,Hezbollah and Hamas and hopefully also againsttheir supporters, the governments of Iran and Syria. Who could look at the situation objectively and say Israel is in the wrong (except to say Israel is holding back too much)? As Onkar Ghate says in this Op-Ed, and as Ayn Rand first proved, the initiation of force is evil. Mr. Ghate’sOp-Ed, “The Indispensable Condition of Peace,” is a must-read.

Israel hasfocused on the terrorist groups, their direct threat, but I hope they move on to the leadership of Iran and Syria with the (weapons and intelligence) assistance of the United States. Or the USA should take charge of that enterprise ourselves; see this Op-Ed, “TheU.S.-Israeli Suicide Pact”by Elan Journo. Of course, history is not encouraging. The United States usually tries to moderate Israel, hold them back, even though they are doing our military work for us against our own enemies, by simply trying to defend themselves from the same ones. What they are doing will make the United States safer, and the world safer, not just preserve Israel’s existence for awhile longer.

The United States has consistently treated Israel’s enemies as if they have a right to make demands after relentlessly murdering people, as if they have a right to any consideration at all. They don’t.

For a snappy and cleverbut more partisan view of the situation, read Ann Coulter’s “Liberals: Born To Run.” It blames Democrats for the United States’appeasement policy, and they deserve it, but Republicans are just as guilty historically. President Bush is only a smidgenmore aggressive than the Democrats.If the”Two State” solution isn’t appeasement, what is?

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  1. Elizabeth

    Unfortunately I can’t find the transcripts (seems to be my luck the last few days) for an interview by Tim Russert with Tom Friedman, Sat. 7/22 where they discussed at length the situation in Lebanon. Hopefully it will be aired again during the week and if I find a link for it I’ll let you know.

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