Podcastic! My Interview with Composer M. Zachary Johnson

I recently recorded an interview with M. Zachary Johnson, composerand music critic for The Intellectual Activist. Deeply inspired by the ideas of Ayn Rand, he is articulate and thoughtful, answering questions with great intelligence. I learned a few things while chatting with him. Topics included what inspired him when composingpieces on his CD “Saxophone Music of M. Zachary Johnson,” the future of Romanticism in music, Ayn Rand’s hypothesis regarding why a series of tones can create emotions, whether serious music is losing its audience, the misleading distinction between popular and serious (classical) music, and how he first discovered classical music.

To hear samples of M. Zachary Johnson’s music,go tohttp://www.mzacharyjohnson.comand follow the links.

To hear my conversation with Matt Johnson, look for it to appear in a few days on http://zigory.solidvox.com, where it will be available as an MP3 file for listening, downloading or saving to your MP3 player.

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1 thought on “Podcastic! My Interview with Composer M. Zachary Johnson

  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds interesting! I’ll check out the links and look forward to hearing your podcast!
    Also, I’m really glad the interviews are MP3 files – as I like to be able to listen off-line. 🙂

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