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My latest interview on The Zigory Show was a delight to conduct, andrecommended to youif you have an interest in the entertainment business and especially the history of comedy and the early days of children’s television. My guest was Chuck McCann, and you can hear the interview online at right now!

Chuck McCann is a veteran Hollywood comedian and actor, who created many children’s television shows primarily in the New York area in the 1950s and 1960s, where I first encountered him.

I watched him probably from my birth until he went off the air when I was about 6, as he performed with puppets, played The Great Bombo (an inept magician and escape artist), portrayed a large Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy, and many other characters.

He was a student and friend ofStan Laureland has often portrayed Oliver Hardy on television.

A highlight of my conversation with Chuck McCann is his commentary about Stan Laurel the man, and the influence of Laurel and Hardy on later comedians.
He is the voice of numerous cartoon characters including Duckworth on DuckTales and The Thing on The Fantastic Four.

He directed and performed in a feature animated film called The World of Hans Christian Anderson and he played W. C. Fields in the 1982 TV movie biography of Mae West.

He starred in The Projectionist, appeared in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and several Mel Brooks films, and added his spark to numerous TV commercials.

It was a great pleasure to speak with Chuck, and to thank him for being part of my happy childhood memories.

Here is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) filmography on Chuck McCann: CLICK HERE(over 100 listings!):

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