Bipartisan Iraq War Report

Today’sbipartisan report by The Iraq Study Group regarding the Iraq War makes the exactly wrong recommendation: Talk to and negotiate with Iran and Syria.In other words, give them credibility.

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Iran and Syria’s actions havebeen purely evil, consistently. Why pretend they will change now? Just “hope” they suddenly turn sane after being psychopaths?They are notsimply psychopaths, but psychopaths on principledue to their beliefs! This hoping and wishing for the best is not a good plan if you want to live — or live free.

What could account for such illogical wrong-headedness on the part of supposedlyintelligent, wise,accomplished men? It is the influence of their own religious beliefs, specifically its focus on altruism and forgiveness. It is also a long trend of intellectuals teaching moral relativism or equivalence, or the doctrine of diversity, which denies one’s right to make distinctions between cultures,including distinctions between good and evil! We are taught to put blinders on rather than see the full picture with utter clarity.

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2 thoughts on “Bipartisan Iraq War Report

  1. Sarit

    Couldn’t agree more….

    No, we shouldn’t impose our values on other cultures. They’re not better, not worse, just different from us. If they murder rape victims so as not to dishonor the family–? Just different. We shouldn’t judge.

    Different. Maybe even better, but definitely not worse.

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