Kingdom of New York City

King Bloomberg and his Merry Board of Health Fascists now dictaterestaurant recipes in all of New York City’s 24,000 food establishments.

What’s next, a gendarme in every home’s kitchenmaking sure at the point of a gun that you don’t cook with trans fats?

See Also see an excellent comment by Dr. Mark A. Hurt at

George Reisman wrote a goodblog post on the topic of food-choice freedom at his request that libertarians become more like Objectivists is at best futile). He paints a vivid and believable picture of where this trend toward violating freedom of choice is headed — a snapshot of what life may be like one day soon — and what principles must be upheld as inviolable, in orderto prevent it.

On my previous blog post topic, did you know that Rudy Giuliani had stepped down from the Baker-Hamilton commission (Iraq Study Group) earlyon? Here’s a good editorial aboutBaker vs. Giuliani: I continue to support Giuliani for President in 2008 unless an even stronger candidatecomes along.

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