I’m Still Here

I haven’t been blogging for awhile but I will be doing so again.

I am taking a TV writing classtaught by aprofessional TV writer, and I will end up with a pilot script by the end of it. It’s loosely based on my first screenplay which I had put aside as needing more thought and improvement. I suddenlyrealized thata TV series format could be perfect for the content of the first half of my feature. Stay tuned for more on that. So far I’m thrilled with the response to my work in the class. Of course it’s “impossible” to sell a pilot but one has to try.

Some of the many topics I have thoughtof blogging about are the Presidential candidates for USA Election 2008 (So far I don’t see any better candidates running or likely to run than Rudy Giuliani, despite hisshortcomings–he understands and knows the facts of history, and I believe hewouldimplement a foreign policy of self-defense; he firmly stood up against Arafat anda Saudi royal in his mayoral career–and I think it’s important that he gets early and consistent support so he has a chance to win), the Broadway show Mary Poppins (I would give it a mixed review; the storyline makes less sense compared to the movie, Mary leaves thehousehold in the middle–that’s not what I came to see–yet Mr. Banks blames her anyway for causing all the trouble, some of the songs have lost their oomph and rhythmicpacing,the orchestra is too small, the wife has become a victim instead of a confident suffragette,and there’san overallpsychotherapy-session feeling,but it has lovely and thrilling moments nonetheless and is very entertaining), and the movie Breach (I liked it–how strange that a man can compartmentalize his knowledge to such an extent, evading the results of his misdeeds, disconnecting his religious beliefs from his actions, etc. Great acting by Chris Cooper, and adequate acting by Ryan Phillippe. The book on Robert Hanssen surveyed his entire career but the film justportrays its last days, an effective choice).

Well, I guess I don’t have to blog on those topics any more. But feel free to reply with comments and I’ll clarify anything too sketchy above.

Meanwhile, I have to get my taxmaterials to my accountant before he gets overburdened by last-minute submissions, and I am trying to get a lot of computer-related technical stuff done (I always procrastinate on that, I’m just not a computer-oriented person although I am glad they were invented).

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3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Elizabeth

    The writing class sounds like a lot of fun, Greg! Can’t wait to hear (read) more about it!

    As far as politics are concerned, so far I haven’t seen anyone that is my ideal. It’d be interesting if the front runners from the 2 parties in power were – Giuliani and Barack Obama.

    Have a great week! 🙂

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  2. zigory

    I haven’t seen anyone that is my ideal politician in my or my parents’ lifetimes! It’s all about taking Baby Steps until the likes of George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson can be found again. Or at least a Calvin Coolidge.

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