Unheralded Popular Music Artists Who Deserve to be Heard

Aren’t you tired of all theradiohits that come out,that have the same chords and the same sentiment, the same faux-gospel female or brooding,grittymale singing voices, the same instrumentation and production, again and again, yet pretend to be new songs? Have you ever heard of the current (within the last15 years) popular music artists Bess Rogers, Eisley, October Project, Happy Rhodesor Kim Fox? They are separate, unrelated artists, all very talented, and theycreate beautiful, or fun andinteresting songs, but they don’t yethave the fame and fortune they deserve. Give them a listen. There are many other talented but unsung singers/composers of pop music to be found. It just requires searching.

More famous, but not famous enough,are Marshall Crenshaw, Richard Thompson, and Linda Thompson, all very talented and interesting songwriters and musicians. And you’ve heard of Al Stewart, but did you know some of his best workcame out long after “Year of The Cat”? Try his “Between The Wars” CD. And Justin Hayward, of The Moody Blues, released an outstandingCD called “The View From The Hill” that you probably never heard. (I also recommend his 1975 “Blue Jays” album with John Lodge if you never tried it).

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