Let’s Get Serious

I work in Downtown Manhattan. Every day since Islamic fundamentalists violently took away the World Trade Center from my neighborhood, murdering thousands in a painful, horrifying, bloody manner, I am passionately angry at them for at least one or two minutes per day.

I’ve been in a state of anticipation. When do we get them, destroy them? Every day, I wait for the intensive retaliation, the destruction of all their mosques, the obliteration of Tehran, the wiping out of all the terrorist training camps and weapons factories in the entire Muslim world. All it takes is some good information and some good bombs. I’m also waiting for every anti-American academic and filmmaker to be arrested for treason, as their words embolden and inspire our enemies to fight us one more day.

I’ve had it. I can only think of one potential president who might do what needs to be done, Rudolph Giuliani. He actually knows and understands the lessons of history. I want to believe we can survive even if he doesn’t run and doesn’t get elected, but it would be difficult to justify such a conclusion. The trouble is, we may not be able to wait till 2009. Our current leaders are unacceptable. They aren’t doing enough, fast enough or furiously enough. We can only depend on the incompetence of our enemies to keep us alive until 2009.

Here are some words that everyone needs to read. Charles Krauthammer’s essay “Today Tehran, Tomorrow the World” is at


and here is a web site with the important facts to know about the fundamentalist Islamists:


Will someone wake up the US government?

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