What I’m Working On

Recently I’ve devoted some time to writing a TV comedy pilot script (on spec, which means no one asked me to).

I have had input from a professional TV story editor and writer, and also from an actor I know. I’m in the process of making final revisions.

The pro initially said, to keep things in context, “nobody ever sells a spec pilot script.” This obviously isn’t precisely true but is close enough to the truth, considering how many people write them and how few get on the air.

Still, as I work on it, I have to believe I’ll either sell it, or it will at least open doors for me. If it doesn’t sell, I can always turn it into a short story, screenplay, novel, graphic novel, or play so it’s not a wasted effort.

My attitude now is that it’s going to be so good (and also marketable) by the time I submit it, that I should expect only the best possible outcome. The pro has said very encouraging things about my work and my talent. I have totally agreed. So I will expect the best but I will be prepared for any outcome.

Meanwhile I have other writing projects to follow, and I plan to interview more fascinating people on podcasts for the Solid Vox Network in the near future. Keep checking this space and http://zigory.solidvox.com .
If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to comment below or email me at zigory@comcast.net.

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