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Before I get to the main comment, here is a followup to my previous post: I emailed the following comments to (with a link to Charles Krauthammer’s Time magazine essay of March 30, 2006 at

I would like the White House to take heed of Mr. Krauthammer’s warning and take decisive military action as soon as possible against Iran’s nuclear program as well as its terrorist training camps and its government in Tehran, who are a sworn enemy of the United States and the real, fundamental source of the 9/11 attacks.

On a less serious topic, when I was attending college decades ago, a psychic visited my campus dormitory, and gave a talk in which he “read” the minds of some of the students in attendance. He seemed to pick up detailed, private facts about friends of mine, facts they had not revealed to anyone but which they admitted to the psychic, and later to me, were true.

This one event made me consider the possibility that psychic powers may be real. I could not explain how, though, so I just filed that away as an open question. I don’t see how he could have had spies all over the campus for the amount of time necessary to learn the private thoughts of so many students.

Well, last night on Court TV, a program called “Psychic Detectives” featured that same psychic from all those years ago, named Phil Jordan ( Although clearly a program designed to promote a belief in psychics, the story they told indicated that Phil Jordan was able to assist the police in a small town, with his calling forth of impeccably accurate details again and again, until they could locate evidence that would solve a murder case.

If anyone who is logic and science-oriented reads this blog (even if it’s a long time after I write this), I welcome any thoughts on the possibility of psychic powers.

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  1. Al

    There is nothing “supernatural” about pyschics.

    Yes, it is all quite natural. True psychics (some Tibetan monks have made it a course of study) have simply learned to fine tune their natural senses (a.k.a. “sixth sense”) that are present in all living things, but which we, as humans, rarely notice. That is, until we learn to become more sensitized to the myriad of signals around us, or, as in my case, when it is suddenly gone. Here is an example: Let’s say you are carrying something heavy, like a sack of potatoes, and you continue carrying it with you for hours and even days. After a while you don’t even notice its weight anymore; it has become a part of you. You may even forget that it’s there…until you drop it. That’s when you notice what a great weight you just released from your shoulders!

    That is what happened when my mother lost consciousness. I was working hard in the office, several miles away from where my mother lay dying. Suddenly, I dropped everything and looked up — I sensed a strong connection had just let go of me, which I had never noticed until that moment — a connection that had been there since birth. That was when I knew my mother was gone. I left work early and when I got home I found that what I had sensed was accurate.

    Possibly, clues to how this works can be gained from the animal kingdom: specifically, this study of mother seals that shows they use Frequency Modulation to connect with their babies (that is, FM radio signals). Keep in mind that science demonstrates that anything that generates electrical current, including all living things, also by nature generates subtle radio frequencies.

    “Of the temporal features, frequency modulation appears to be a key component for individual recognition,” from

    Here are more possible clues, including the seals again (you need Real Player to watch the videos):

    “Animals have developed ways to send messages in habitats from open deserts that stretch for hundreds of miles, to dense forests where it’s hard to see as far as your hand. They can sing in frequencies we can’t hear, detect colours that our eyes can’t see and send messages in worlds of scent, electricity and polarised light that we can only imagine.”
    Look especially at Crowded Worlds and Open Worlds.

    This proves that there are lots of signals surrounding us all the time that we never notice, but that some individuals may be more sensitive to, or can train themselves to notice.


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