Art Teacher’s Suspension

Here’s an utterly absurd situation. How uneducated can educators be? The Middletown, NY, Board of Education has suspended a high school art teacher, Pete Panse, for recommending nude figure drawing classes to his advanced students. He may even be permanently fired after a 25-year career. Any student of art knows the importance of drawing nudes from life–a tradition for thousands of years–to learn anatomy and three-dimensional forms and the elements that make up the beauty of the human being. If this is not permitted, then presumably a pre-medical student also must be prevented from observing the human body. This is the Taliban’s idea of education! This is anti-education!

If a Catholic nun, Sister Wendy Beckett, isn’t afraid of nudes in art, why should anyone be? (

If you want to come to Mr. Panse’s defense against the ignoramuses, there is action you can take.



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